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Anger can have a truly negative effect on your life.  Let Dr. Bunny Vreeland help you let go of your anger and bring the positivity back to your life!


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Do you lose your temper easily or find it difficult to let go of slights, hurt feelings and frustrations?

Do you over-react to words and comments from other people?

Have you ever found yourself reacting out of anger in a way that you later regretted?

Does your rage seem so strong at times that it scares people, including yourself?

Have you ever been told that you should consider anger management?

In some situations, in our life, we respond with anger, which is a normal and healthy reaction. For instance, anger can motivate us to protect ourselves from physical attack.

On the other hand, we may find that anger gets out of control, causing problems for ourselves or others, or we may simply react angrily when we could have dealt with things in a better way. Whatever the cause of your anger, you can break free from it and its impact on your life.

Even if you have always struggled with controlling your temper, know that you can change. Perhaps you have tried various ways of controlling your anger in the past, with limited or no success.

Now is the time for a new approach to anger management. To truly manage your anger in a better way, you need to make changes to that deeper part of your mind. You can achieve this with the help of self hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Imagine what it would be like to: Remain calm and in control of all situations! Develop healthier, more satisfying relationships! Experience deep inner peace and emotional balance! Hypnosis is an open state of mind and a deeply relaxing experience. With the help of this hypnotherapy session it is possible to retrain your mind to stop reacting in ways that are not beneficial to your well-being, to help you to manage anger feelings so that you can develop better responses to challenging situations, enjoy happier, more satisfying relationship with others, and live a more pleasant life.