Irresistible Attraction MP3 Download


What would YOU like to attract into your life? Just about everyone wants more of something –

More Money?
More Love?
Better Health?
Do you want to influence others?
Do you want to persuade others?
Are you looking for THE relationship?
Do you want to attract massive wealth and abundance?

You’re here mainly because you want more abundance in your life.

You may want more love in your life because you’re sick and tired of waiting for it.

Perhaps you hustle hard 24/7 working at your job or on your own business, and you deserve – not only a great vacation – but a big break so you can work less and make more!

Learn to attract pure positive attractive energy into your life to create the life you desire.
You CAN attract love and money into your life!

Dr. Bunny Vreeland guides to you through the hidden secrets of creating Irresistible Attraction with this breakthrough session.


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This is my all-time favorite Hypnosis script because I have seen how it can improve the quality of so many lives.

Including my own.

I was a High-school dropout, working at 3 dead-end fast-food jobs when I started listening to audio tapes like this one. Today, even AFTER I have the life I could only dream about back then, I continue to listen to positive and motivating CDs and mp3s.

At first, I didn’t believe it could ‘work.’ I didn’t believe my life could get better. I didn’t really think that I could have anything more or ‘better’.

But I kept listening until I began to believe my life could improve. I say, “I began to believe…” because I now know that there is a difference between knowing and believing. I didn’t know this, back then. Most of us know about something, we may even understand it but we may not believe it.

Yes, There is a difference between KNOWING and BELIEVING.

So, I started repeating this, every morning:

“I believe in my heart that something wonderful is about to happen.
I love my life.
I believe in my own powers,
and in my own potential,
and in my own goodness.
I wake every morning with the awe of just being alive.
I live this day well.”

Try it.

You might surprise yourself. Once you do this, it’s like a hidden shortcut so everything else speeds up automatically and magic happens in your life.